Custom Software Solutions

Mobile Apps

Creating innovative solutions for mobile use and transforming existing web technologies and websites for use by a modern audience

Web Solutions

Web apps that rely on cloud architecture aimed for rapid deployment and scaling for solutions ranging from full-fledged, full-stack web applications to extensive and secure back-end APIs

Internet of Things

Front-end views and back-end servers for connecting devices with each other and the world via the internet


Cybersecurity solutions including pentesting and vulnerability assessment and inspection of both new and existing mobile and web software solutions

Rapid Application Development

R.A.D. Design and Implementation of
new and Innovative Technology
At Ivy we develop complex and thought-out solutions for use by both the every-day person as well as companies and corporations.

This includes technology in the areas of geolocation, messaging, security, teaching and learning, waste reduction, and recycling.

Startup your Business

Using powerful technologies backed by massive communities of developers
Whether you have an idea for a new tech startup and are looking for the right people to partner with, or you are trying to modernize and extend existing web and mobile applications, Ivy assembles the right tech stack for you.

We love using technologies like Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and React Native, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Docker, and the Google Cloud Platform to create innovative software using equally innovative tools.

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